The coffee alternative that will change your life

The coffee alternative that will change your life

Looking for a coffee alternative that actually works? Look no further than cacao. It’s got all the benefits of coffee, but without the side effects. And it’s also got extra benefits that are pretty life-changing - no exaggeration. This article explains why cacao is such a great coffee alternative.

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a good coffee alternative, you may have noticed that your options are limited to drinks that still have tons of caffeine in them (like yerba mate or mushroom coffees), or caffeine-free options that simply don’t deliver on the energy front.

But what if we told you there’s no need to compromise anymore?

Yes, cacao could be the answer to your prayers because, like coffee, it’s got large amounts of a stimulant that makes you feel awake and energised. But unlike coffee, it won’t make you crash, or give you jitters and withdrawals. 

And that’s because its main stimulant is something called theobromine (although it does have some caffeine).

But let’s make one thing clear, we’re talking about pure ceremonial-grade cacao - not hot chocolate (which has less theobromine than pure cacao).

Let’s take a closer look at how cacao compares to coffee and how you can use it as a coffee alternative.

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Best coffee alternative 

The current alternatives to coffee on the market can be put into one of two groups: those with caffeine and those without.

Those with caffeine include yerba mate and matcha. But these can have the same amount of caffeine as coffee - or more (in the case of some types of matcha) - which means they have the same side effects as coffee.

Those without caffeine include chicory coffee and mushroom powders. While these lack the side effects of coffee, they also lack the immediate energy boost you’re looking for.

And that’s why we think cacao is the best of all coffee alternatives for energy out there because it provides a great energy boost that’s steady and lasts for hours. There are no jitters, shakes, and no crash. And if you decide you don’t want to drink it anymore, you can stop cold turkey without getting withdrawal symptoms, like a bad headache.


Why try a coffee alternative? The downsides of coffee

If you’re a seasoned coffee drinker, you already know the disadvantages of drinking coffee well. But, let’s quickly recap… just in case.

  1. Jitters and shakes
  2. Heart palpitations
  3. Mid-morning crash
  4. Addictive
  5. Withdrawals if you skip it for more than a couple of days
  6. Expensive - a latte from Starbucks costs around £3.50, which quickly adds up if you have a couple every day.
  7. Coffee breath

Of course, coffee has great benefits too - from increased energy and antioxidants to protecting against brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's. But there’s another way to reap these benefits without the downside of coffee: switch to cacao.

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Why cacao is a better alternative to coffee

We’ve already mentioned that cacao has much less caffeine than coffee - studies say it has just a quarter of the caffeine in coffee. This means much less chance of jitters and shakes.

Most important is its theobromine content. Theobromine is a natural and gentle stimulant. It avoids the side effects of caffeine because it expands your blood vessels and reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. In contrast, caffeine constricts your blood vessels and raises cortisol and adrenaline - basically stressing you out.

And by opening up your blood vessels, theobromine allows more blood (and oxygen) to get to your brain and heart, helping you think clearer and feel more energised and uplifted.

But that’s not all.

Pure unprocessed cacao is full of feel-good compounds that relax your nervous system and encourage your brain to make more dopamine and serotonin. These compounds include magnesium, phenylethylamine, anandamide and tryptophan.

Read more about what makes ceremonial cacao so great for mood.

And of course, because cacao is the whole cacao bean and nothing else, it tastes deliciously chocolatey, which means no coffee breath. 

 coffee alternative cacao


How to use cacao as a coffee substitute

You can take your cacao whenever you would normally have a cup of coffee. But because it provides steady energy and no crash, you’ll find that just one cup is all you need per day.

If you’re new to cacao, you may want to start with a milder daily dose of around 15g. But if you’ve used cacao before, or you’re in need of a serious energy and mood boost, go for a ceremonial dose of around 30 to 35g.

Don’t drink more than 40g of cacao a day because higher amounts can be too stimulating for your heart.

When using cacao as a coffee substitute, you can take it ‘neat’ - heated with hot water. Or you can make it like a latte - add some milk, sweetener and other natural flavourings, like cinnamon, ginger and chilli.

But don’t forget that cacao is actually a sacred plant medicine that’s been used for centuries by Mayan and Aztecs for enlightenment. You too can tap into the spiritual benefits of cacao by drinking it more mindfully, instead of downing it like an energy drink.

Try adding it to your morning ritual. Set aside 30 minutes to focus on making a cup of cacao and sipping it slowly in a quiet spot.

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Ready to try one of the best coffee alternatives for energy?

Get started with our range of cacao elixirs.

They’re made from 100% Peruvian ceremonial-grade cacao and enhanced with potent medicinal plant extracts to help you get into a specific state of mind. From boosting your intuition to feeling happier.



This article was an exploration of why cacao is the best coffee alternative available. 

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