Our mission? To help you feel great within yourself.


Because once you get your inner life together... your outer life follows.

The richest ceremonial-grade cacao, hand-blended with powerful mood-boosting plant extracts.

We only use plant extracts with benefits recognised by both scientists and herbalists.

They contain powerful compounds, scientifically shown to work on brain cells (and their receptors), to quickly shift you to a positive state of mind.


Our founder

Dr Ifeyinwa Lauretta Ihonor is a medical doctor and geneticist, who is also trained in herbal medicine preparation and master plant ceremony facilitation.

After spending five years travelling the world (from India to Indonesia, Hawaii and Costa Rica) studying herbal medicine with native teachers, one thing was clear: she had to share the mood-transforming magic of authentic ceremonial cacao with as many people as possible… and 8 Within was born.

8 Within?

Our name is a nod to the infinite wisdom we all hold within us. A wisdom that can be unlocked by taking a moment to calm your mind and focus on that voice within.

Why cacao?

We take advantage of cacao’s natural vasodilatory (blood vessel opening) action by combining it with medicinal plants that make you feel calmer, happier, and more focused.

When paired with cacao, the active compounds in these plants quickly spread around your body and get to work faster.

Our elixirs are made from ancient strains of single-source Criollo cacao beans (the rarest and best type) grown on organic farms in the Peruvian Andes.

The cacao is hand-blended with a mix of medicinal herbs to create a rich and potent mind-elevating cacao blend.

Finally, it’s shaved into small chunks so all you have to do is scoop, mix with hot water or milk, blend and drink.

What are the mood-boosting compounds in cacao?

Theobromine: a gentle stimulant + vasodilator. It increases blood flow to the bran + heart

Phenylethylamine (PEA): stimulates the release of feelgood chemicals serotonin + dopamine

Three indirect endocannabinoids: they encourage the production of the bliss chemical anandamide

Tryptamine: converts to DMT – the ‘God’ molecule – which can help shift your perspective of the world


Gluten free

Ethically sourced cacao

Refined sugar free

No artificial additives


Our cacao is sourced from organic farmers' co-operatives in the Peruvian Andes.

These co-operatives work with small farms to preserve traditional methods of growing and harvesting cacao. They:

1) Prioritise producing high quality cacao over quantity

2) Support the maintenance of the Peruvian Andes natural biodiversity

3) Focus on organic methods of farming and production

4) Fairly distribute income amongst the people involved in growing the cacao and helping it get to your cup - from farmers to traders

5) Follow the principles of Fair Trade

6) Create fairly compensated employment for the local community


Our cacao has been lab tested for safety and meets EU standards for absence of heavy metals, with below detectable levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

Ceremonial-grade cacao means pure, premium grade cacao that's made with respect to the plant, environment and those producing it. Our cacao is grown on small organic family farms in Peru, using agricultural practices that support the region's natural biodiversity. It contains the whole bean (nothing is removed) and has been made specifically for ceremonial/medicinal use.

Because cacao contains a natural stimulant, it's best to have no more than 35g (a ceremonial dose) in a day. But beyond that. it's up to you. We created our elixirs to be drunk when you need to shift into a specific frame of mind, but you can also drink them daily as an all-natural way to stay energised and feel amazing.