Intuition elixir

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Clear your mind and move from confusion to clarity with this blend of 100% pure ceremonial-grade Peruvian cacao, blue lotus flower extract and fig. 

Each 140g bag contains 8 daily doses or 4 strong ceremonial doses of cacao.

Ultra premium quality

Our intuition elixir is hand blended with the highest-quality organic criollo cacao beans from the Peruvian Andes.

Packed with mood-transforming cacao

Cacao is rich in energising feelgood substances, including theobromine, phenylethylamine, anandamide, magnesium and much more.

Blended with the famous flower of intuition - blue lotus

We blend our cacao with the active extract of the ancient medicinal herb, blue lotus flower*. This gets to work even faster than normal thanks to the blood vessel opening action of the theobromine in cacao.

Finished with dried fig and maple

Finally, we add generous amounts of dried fig and maple sap extract to add a rich honey-like sweetness to this elixir.

*Blue lotus flower is a medicinal herb that may interact with some medications. Please check with your doctor before trying this elixir.

Theobroma cacao (Criollo cacao beans), dried fig, coconut nectar, blue lotus flower extract, pink Himalayan salt

Our elixirs contain ingredients that are naturally free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. But they're prepared in an environment that may contain traces of these allergens.

Amount per 100g/35g

Energy 612kcal/214kcal
Fat 49g/17g
of which Saturates 31g/11g
Carbohydrate 31g/11g
of which Sugars 8.4g/2.9g
Protein 12g/4.2g
Salt 0.48g/0.17g

8 daily doses or 4 ceremonial doses per bag

To keep your elixir tasting great, keep the pouch sealed and store it in a cool, dark, dry cupboard.

Avoid temperatures above 25°C



Known as the flower of intuition, blue lotus flower has long been used to access inner wisdom, improve intuition, bring about deep meditation, and help with lucid dreaming.


Fig is seen by many as the fruit for wisdom and success. It's often said that the Garden of Eden's Tree of Knowledge (which Adam and Eve ate from) was a fig tree. 


Maple sap is the delicious sweet liquid from the maple tree. Its taste isn't the only reason it's in this elixir. The maple tree is known as the tree of intelligence and practical magic.

Why cacao helps clear your mind

Many yogis, writers and entrepreneurs start their day with a cup of cacao.


Because it contains a mild stimulant called theobromine, which helps you think more clearly.

How does it work?

It opens up your blood vessels, helping more blood to reach your brain.

And with more oxygen-rich blood flowing to your brain, you can think more clearly and feel more connected to your intuition.

But there's more.

Cacao is a source of natural bliss chemicals, like anandamide and phenylethylamine. These work on specific brain receptors and encourage your brain to make the mood-boosting chemicals serotonin and dopamine.

This is probably why indigenous healers have long recommended cacao for improving self-awareness and understanding.

Unprocessed organic pure cacao

Naturally free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soy

Ethically & sustainably made


1. Heat 200ml water or milk, and allow to cool slightly.

2. Add the water/milk and 4 tablespoons ( 35g; a ceremonial dose) or 2 tablespoons (17g; a daily dose) of cacao to a blender or pan.

3. Blend in blender or gently whisk in a pan (under a low flame) until smooth and creamy.

4. Sweeten if needed.

5. Enjoy hot or iced.

For best results, take on an empty stomach. And because cacao is a stimulant, it's best taken earlier in the day.