Bespoke healing 28-day ceremonial cacao and sacred herb kits

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Sacred herbs have long been used for deep emotional and spiritual healing and awakening by shamans and indigenous communities. If you are on a journey to unlocking the truest version of yourself, why not support the process with a bespoke healing ceremonial cacao and sacred herb kit?

They are made specifically by 8 Within's herbalist founder to help you overcome whatever physical, spiritual or emotional challenge you are currently facing.

Each kit contains 560g of ceremonial-grade cacao paired with 50g of at least two different sacred plant medicines (100g in total), and in some cases a 30ml healing tincture.

All you need to do is email after ordering this kit and share the intention you would like to work on over the next 28 days. Our herbalist founder, Ifey, will be in touch with recommendations of the best herbs to use. 

Ifey can also perform an astrological natal chart reading for you to determine your Chiron placement - a placement that shows the deep spiritual (sometimes karmic) wound that underlies the key challenges you face in life and the ultimate lesson you are on this earth to learn.

She can then share the results of this chart reading with you and recommend the best herbs to use based on this reading

Creating your kit is a collaborative process, so your kit will only be created after you have confirmed you are happy with the suggested herbs.

Made specifically with you in mind

Ifey works 1:1 with you to create the ceremonial cacao and herb combination that will support where you are in life right now.

She also uses your Chiron placement from your astrological natal chart to reveal your deepest wound (which may be unknown to you). She then uses this wound to help guide the herbs used for the healng journey.

Unrivalled quality

Our cacao is ceremonial grade and made with the highest-quality organic Criollo cacao beans (the 'king' of cacao) from the Peruvian Andes.

All of our herbs are also of the highest quality, grown without any pesticides or chemicals, and sourced from ethical providers across the world.

  • 560g of ceremonial grade Peruvian cacao* - this is enough for 28 days of daily use*
  • 50g of one type of medicinal herb
  • 50g of a second medicinal herb

Your cacao may also be infused with additional herbs.

*Depending on the issue you'd like to work on, Ifey may suggest a different type of ceremonial cacao for you to work with, or a mixture of different cacaos. Cacao can have very different physical and energetic properties based on where the cacao is from, the bean used, and the preparation method. All cacaos we offer are organic, intentionally grown and ceremonial-grade.

Ready to harness the healing power of ancient herbs?

Choose from a huge apothecary of healing sacred herbs (including medicinal flowers, mushrooms and leafy herbs), blended with the ultimate heart-opening transformational plant - ceremonial cacao.

From wild rose for improving self love and compassion, to borage for courage, calendula for joy, tulsi for clarity, reishi for wisdom...and so much more... we have a herb for almost every intention you may have.

If you know you're in need of some self-care, but don't know exactly what you need, we can offer a free astrological chart reading to see which herbs are naturally best suited to you.

Just mention this when you email after ordering your bespoke kit.

Pure cacao solids

Naturally free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soy

Ethically & sustainably made


1. Heat 200ml water or milk, and allow to cool slightly.

2. Add the water/milk and 4 tablespoons ( 35g; a ceremonial dose) or 2 tablespoons (17g; a daily dose) of cacao to a blender or pan.

3. Blend in blender or gently whisk in a pan (under a low flame) until smooth and creamy.

4. Sweeten if needed.

5. Enjoy hot or iced.

For best results, take on an empty stomach. And because cacao is a stimulant, it's best taken earlier in the day.